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All properties will be shot "As Is".   Your input is important when choosing the best rooms and angles to photograph. Absent your presence or input, the photographer will use his/her best judgment and experience to decide how best to photograph the property.  We will make every reasonable effort to remove minor stray objects from the rooms; however this does not include moving soiled towels, excess toiletries, kitchen dishes / utensils, personal items, making beds or arranging furniture.  Blinds will not be touched if they do not appear to be in good working order.  Agents are expected to have the property staged and cleaned prior to the photo shoot. 

Rescheduling - Every effort will be made to accommodate however if rescheduling is necessary, please do so with a minimum of 24 hours notice.  Any shoot cancelled within 24 hours of a booked appointment may be subject to a $50 reschedule fee. (Yes we will work with you on emergencies, but please just communicate!!!)   Any shoot that is rescheduled for access issues while on site will be charged a minimum return trip fee.

Inclement Weather -  In the event of inclement weather preventing exterior photography, interiors will be photographed and exteriors rescheduled for the next available good weather day or if overcast a "Sky Swap" will be provided at no additional charge.  (Drone photographs require good weather and blue sky conditions and will be rescheduled as appropriate)   If in the photographer's determination that interior photographs would not be reasonably captured, rescheduling will be required.  If the agent insists that the shoot continue, a return trip fee will be assessed.

Photoshop Work - All homes are lightly retouched to promote their appearance.  If additional retouching is requested, additional photoshop work is billed at $75/hour with a $50 minimum.  It is important to remember that MLS photos are not intended to misrepresent blemishes normally visible from a walk through inspection.  This includes water damage, floor damage, pulled carpet spots, roof shingles, shutters, stains, holes, tears, power cords, driveway oil spots, and any other blemishes not listed.

Return Trip Fees - If a return trip is required for reasons outside the control of the photographer, a minimum trip fee of $75 will be charged.  This trip fee may be increased as needed based on the distance and time requirements of the return trip.

Delivery - Photos will be delivered within 24-48 hours of the scheduled shoots.  Video projects may take 1-3 days.  If photos are needed within 12 hours of the shoot, a $100 rush fee will be charged in addition to the package total.

Payment is due upon photo delivery - For licensing requirements, Upwind Studios requires payment when photos are downloaded.  If paying by check, payment terms must be arranged ahead of time. 

Licensing - Upon payment of the images, Upwind Studios grants a non-exclusive license to to use the purchased  images for publication in the MLS. This license also covers publication and display of images on real estate related websites directly involved with the sale of this individual property.  License is valid for the length of the MLS listing and is not transferrable to third parties.    The only credit line to be associated with public real estate website images is  "Upwindstudios.com".   

Commercial and third-party usage is not granted with this license.  Advertisement, company / agent website, catalog, email, or other use  requires a supplemental license.  Please call for details and to discuss usage.

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